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Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns Lyrics – Origin

Vivid depths of hate and despair
Ever doubting mortality
Collecting a myriad of self indulgent experiences
Eventually none will be left to see

Compulsively building your monoliths on shifting sands
Delusion claiming an autonomy over fetishizing misery
Pain is a wave whose crest never breaks
Endless chasing the synaptic responses to releases of dopamine

The tide of memory recedes
What’s left is arid waste
Where wisdom is an over-acumulation of failures of the past
And of the present

The future is lost

The seed of self awareness / Is a husk
That only seeks to preserve / Linear thought
The loss and curse of reason / Patently
Emboldens the suffering that we wreck

No words exist to cut the / Threat of time
All actions burned into unbroken lines
A slow descent into dementia
Undermines the will to power

What’s done is done
There’s no repentance
For acts of desperation
There is a crack / In everything
But no light gets in

Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns.

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