A Clandestine Chemist's Tale
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Q: How to find a song in banhalldman.info?
A: You can use the search box, Search your favorite title, bands, artists.

Q: How do I download a song in banhalldman.info?
A: Select the songs to be downloaded, and then click “Click here to download”.

Q: Why I can not play a song in banhalldman.info?
A: Probably because it does not have flash player in your browser. Install Flash Player.

Q: How can my songs to be downloaded in banhalldman.info?
A: Upload your songs on YouTube or SoundCloud, your songs will automatically come to our database. As we do not host any of your mp3 file on our server. All files are being serve via APIs.

Q: How can i delete my songs being downloaded from banhalldman.info?
A: Send us link your song files that you do not want people to download. We will delete those links. Though you need to remove your songs from Youtube or SoundCloud to stop completely.